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A shim layer for supporting various versions of Hadoop dynamically. This module uses a higher version of Hadoop so that we can create shims that let us use new features of Hadoop without having a hard dependency on the latest version.

LicenseApache 2.0
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1.6.3Central1Apr, 2020
1.6.2Central1Nov, 2019
1.6.1Central1Oct, 2019
1.6.0Central1Sep, 2019
1.5.10Central1Apr, 2020
1.5.9Central1Jan, 2020
1.5.8Central1Nov, 2019
1.5.7Central1Oct, 2019
1.5.6Central1Jun, 2019
1.5.5Central2Mar, 2019
1.5.4Central1Dec, 2018
1.5.3Central1Sep, 2018
1.5.2Central1Jun, 2018
1.5.1Central1May, 2018
1.5.0Central1May, 2018