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The security-facade implements IVOA's security model together with AstroGrid and EuroVO extensions. The facade consists in a class library for use in VO services and clients. It is used in most AstroGrid service-components and in the Astro Runtime. The facade presents a common API to classes from different sources. These are some of the main features available from the security facade: validation of digital signatures on requests to a SOAP service; signature of requests sent from a ...

LicenseAFL 2.1
Used By10 artifacts

2010.1Astrogrid2Nov, 2012
2009.1Astrogrid6Nov, 2012
2009.1.a09Astrogrid2Nov, 2012
2009.1.a08Astrogrid 0 Nov, 2012
2009.1.a07Astrogrid1Nov, 2012
2009.1.a06Astrogrid2Nov, 2012
2009.1.a05Astrogrid1Nov, 2012
2009.1.a04Astrogrid 0 Nov, 2012
2009.1.a03Astrogrid 0 Nov, 2012
2009.1.a02Astrogrid1Nov, 2012
2009.1.a01Astrogrid1Nov, 2012
2008.2.03Astrogrid2Nov, 2012