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1. Ordered89 usages

org.flatland » orderedEPL

Pure-clojure implementation of ruby's ordered hash and set types - instead of sorting by key, these collections retain insertion order.
Last Release on Apr 13, 2020

2. Useful68 usages

org.flatland » usefulEPL

A collection of generally-useful Clojure utility functions
Last Release on Dec 6, 2018

3. IO13 usages

org.flatland » ioEPL

The innermost moon of Jupiter.
Last Release on Nov 17, 2012

4. Schematic12 usages

org.flatland » schematicEPL

Define and compose schemas for describing data types, and check data against them.
Last Release on Oct 31, 2013

5. Protobuf10 usages

org.flatland » protobufEPL

Clojure-protobuf provides a clojure interface to Google's protocol buffers.
Last Release on Mar 16, 2015

6. Classlojure6 usages

org.flatland » classlojureEPL

Advanced classloading for clojure.
Last Release on Nov 14, 2013

7. Telegraph JS3 usages

org.flatland » telegraph-jsEPL

Telegraph javascript libraries.
Last Release on Oct 18, 2013

8. Masai2 usages

org.flatland » masaiEPL

Key-value database for Clojure with pluggable backends.
Last Release on Nov 17, 2012

9. Lamina2 usages

org.flatland » laminaEPL

event-driven data structures for clojure
Last Release on Oct 4, 2013

10. Laminate2 usages

org.flatland » laminate

A utility library for lamina applications, including some custom operators for the lamina query-streams language.
Last Release on Nov 1, 2013

11. Retro2 usages

org.flatland » retroEPL

A protocol for revisioned transactions in Clojure.
Last Release on Oct 1, 2013

12. EGO2 usages

org.flatland » egoEPL

A library for working with a simple 'id' format.
Last Release on Nov 17, 2012

13. Chronicle2 usages

org.flatland » chronicleEPL

Turn a cron map into an infinite sequence of times.
Last Release on Jun 26, 2013

14. Telegraph2 usages

org.flatland » telegraphEPL

Make beautiful dashboards for telemetry and turntable.
Last Release on Oct 18, 2013

15. Resting JS2 usages

org.flatland » resting-jsEPL

Javascript client for resting.
Last Release on Sep 4, 2013

16. Telegraph UI2 usages

org.flatland » telegraph-uiEPL

Telegraph web interface.
Last Release on Oct 18, 2013

17. Tokyocabinet2 usages

org.flatland » tokyocabinetLGPL

native tokyo cabinet libraries
Last Release on Nov 15, 2012
Ring middleware for parsing parameters and emitting responses in various formats.
Last Release on Jun 20, 2013

19. Wakeful1 usages

org.flatland » wakefulEPL

restful routing alternative
Last Release on May 14, 2013
A Clojure client for Telemetry.
Last Release on Aug 26, 2013