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Syslog4j provides client and server implementations of the BSD Syslog protocol (RFC 3164) and the draft "structured syslog" protocol (RFC Draft). This is a repackaged fork used in Graylog2, as the original package has no recent versions published to Maven Central.

LicenseLGPL 2.1
CategoriesSyslog Libraries
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0.9.60Central9Apr, 2017
0.9.59Central1Mar, 2017
0.9.58Central3Dec, 2016
0.9.57Central1Sep, 2016
0.9.56Central 0 Sep, 2016
0.9.55Central3May, 2016
0.9.54Central1Feb, 2016
0.9.53Central3May, 2015
0.9.52Central1Mar, 2015
0.9.51Central1Jan, 2015
0.9.50Central1Oct, 2014
0.9.49Central 0 Oct, 2014
0.9.48Central2Jun, 2014