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3. Tinder XMPP Library15 usages

org.igniterealtime » tinderApache

Tinder is a Java based XMPP library, providing an implementation for XMPP stanzas and components. Tinders origins lie in code that's shared between Jive Software's Openfire and Whack implementations. The implementation that's provided in Tinder hasn't been written again from scratch. Instead, code has been moved from the original projects into Tinder, preserving al of the existing features and functionality. Most of the code that's now in Tinder is based on the org.xmpp package implementation that ...
Last Release on Apr 19, 2017
Group Igniterealtime JXMPP
Group Igniterealtime Whack

6. Smack3 usages

org.igniterealtime » smack

Ignite Realtime's Jabber/XMPP lib
Last Release on Dec 18, 2010
SpringSource Org Jivesoftware SmackX
Last Release on Apr 28, 2010
SpringSource Org Jivesoftware Smack
Last Release on May 14, 2018
Java REST API Client for the Openfire to manage Openfire instances by sending an REST/HTTP request to the server
Last Release on Mar 13, 2019

10. SmackX1 usages

org.igniterealtime » smackx

Ignite Realtime's Jabber/XMPP XEP extensions
Last Release on Dec 18, 2010
Group Igniterealtime JBOSH

12. Openfire

org.igniterealtime » openfire

POM was created by Sonatype Nexus
Last Release on Oct 12, 2010

13. Xiff

org.igniterealtime » xiff

Last Release on Apr 21, 2018

14. Whack

org.igniterealtime » whackApache

Whack is a Java library that easily allows the creation of external components that follow the XEP-0114: Jabber Component Protocol.
Last Release on Nov 29, 2016