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OpenCms-Module 'org.opencms.workplace'. <p>This module contains the OpenCms Workplace base files.</p> <p>It includes common used dialogs and style sheets, that are needed by any workplace module.</p> <p><i>&copy; 2013 by Alkacon Software GmbH (</i></p> OpenCms is a Content Management System that is based on Open Source Software. Complex Intranet and Internet websites can be quickly and cost-effectively created, maintained and managed.

LicenseLGPL 2.1
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8.5.2Central4Jul, 2013
8.5.1Central3Feb, 2013
8.5.0Central5Nov, 2012
8.0.4Central2Apr, 2012
8.0.3Central3Jan, 2012
8.0.2Central2Jan, 2012
8.0.1Central4Jan, 2012