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Last Release on Dec 9, 2018
Repackaged Caucho Quercus PHP5 Runtime
Last Release on Feb 14, 2016
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14. OpenHAB Super POM

org.openhab » openhab-super-pomEPL

This is a super POM for projects maintained by the openHAB Community. It contains only version-unrelated infrastructure settings and can/should also be used by projects that don't flow with the openHAB Release cycle. Settings within this POM must not have any influence on the build result.
Last Release on Sep 15, 2019
OpenHAB Dependencies
Last Release on Apr 21, 2018
OpenHAB Target Platform
Last Release on Aug 2, 2018

17. OpenHAB Bundles

org.openhab » bundlesEPL

OpenHAB Bundles
Last Release on Dec 17, 2019

18. OpenHAB Products

org.openhab » productsEPL

OpenHAB Products
Last Release on Apr 21, 2018

19. OpenHAB

org.openhab » openhabEPL

This is the open Home Automation Bus (openHAB)
Last Release on Jan 20, 2017

20. OpenHAB Tycho Settings

org.openhab » pom-tychoEPL

This pom contains the settings for Bundles using the Tycho
Last Release on Dec 19, 2018