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Artifacts using powermock-module-junit4 version 1.7.4

General data-binding functionality for Jackson: works on core streaming API
Last Release on Nov 15, 2020
Apache Commons Compress software defines an API for working with compression and archive formats. These include: bzip2, gzip, pack200, lzma, xz, Snappy, traditional Unix Compress, DEFLATE, DEFLATE64, LZ4, Brotli, Zstandard and ar, cpio, jar, tar, zip, dump, 7z, arj.
Last Release on Feb 5, 2020
Aliyun Open API SDK for Java Copyright (C) Alibaba Cloud Computing All rights reserved. 版权所有 (C)阿里云计算有限公司
Last Release on Nov 27, 2020
Module for providing OAuth2 support to Spring Security
Last Release on May 28, 2020
Logic-less and semantic templates with Java
Last Release on Apr 25, 2020
A micro framework for creating web applications in Kotlin and Java 8 with minimal effort
Last Release on Oct 8, 2020
UberFire Backend Server
Last Release on Nov 12, 2020

Hive Service
Last Release on Aug 27, 2019
jBPM JPA Persistence
Last Release on Nov 12, 2020
Kie Workbench - Common - UI
Last Release on Nov 12, 2020