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Interfaces for launching projects with the sbt launcher

LicenseApache 2.0BSD
Used By72 artifacts

1.1.6Central7Nov, 2020
1.1.5Central5Sep, 2020
1.1.4Central6May, 2020
1.1.3Central11Aug, 2019
1.1.2Central6Aug, 2019
1.1.1Central1Aug, 2019
1.1.0Central7May, 2019
1.0.4Central8Apr, 2018
1.0.3Central4Mar, 2018
1.0.2Central8Nov, 2017
1.0.1Central 0 Mar, 2017
1.0.0Central12Aug, 2015
1.0.0-M1Central6Mar, 2015

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