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Spring LDAP is a Java library for simplifying LDAP operations, based on the pattern of Spring's JdbcTemplate. The framework relieves the user of common chores, such as looking up and closing contexts, looping through results, encoding/decoding values and filters, and more. The LdapTemplate class encapsulates all the plumbing work involved in traditional LDAP programming, such as creating a DirContext, looping through NamingEnumerations, handling exceptions and cleaning up resources. This ...

LicenseApache 2.0
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org.springframework.ldap » spring-ldap-core

1.3.1.RELEASECentral4Dec 01, 2010
1.3.0.RELEASECentral2Jan 30, 2009
1.2.1Central30Dec 10, 2007
1.2Central1Nov 09, 2007