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Apache Commons CLI provides a simple API for presenting, processing and validating a command line interface.
Last Release on Mar 9, 2017
Command line parsing library for Java
Last Release on Mar 3, 2021
Last Release on Jan 31, 2016
a command line options parsing library
Last Release on May 1, 2021
A Java library for parsing command line options
Last Release on Sep 11, 2018
Java command line parser with both an annotations API and a programmatic API. Usage help with ANSI styles and colors. Autocomplete. Nested subcommands. Easily included as source to avoid adding a dependency.
Last Release on Jan 3, 2021
The command-line parser library based on Python's argparse
Last Release on Apr 9, 2021
Java annotation-based framework for parsing Git like command line structures
Last Release on Dec 6, 2019
Last Release on Mar 18, 2021
the Java-based Simple Argument Parser
Last Release on Jan 1, 2007