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JRuby Main Maven Artifact
Last Release on Oct 13, 2021
Bean Scripting Framework
Last Release on Oct 20, 2006
Ceylon Language
Last Release on Aug 21, 2017
Gosu :: Core API
Last Release on Jun 27, 2019
BSF API Implementation
Last Release on Jun 19, 2010
FScript is a scripting language dedicated to Fractal components architectural reconfigurations. It also includes FPath, a notation inspired by XPath which makes it easy to navigate inside Fractal architectures to discover its structure or find elements (components or interfaces) which match certain criterion.
Last Release on Dec 8, 2010
Frege Central Distribution.
Last Release on May 26, 2016
The latte-lang compiler project, which contains compiler and runtime required library.
Last Release on Mar 11, 2018
Last Release on Oct 10, 2010
Lua4j core classes, AST, runtime, types and such
Last Release on Jul 10, 2014