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Group: org.switchyard

1. org.switchyard.components

Group used by 785 artifacts

2. SwitchYard: API171 usages

org.switchyard » switchyard-apiApacheCC0Public

The Core API.

3. SwitchYard: Test Utilities159 usages

org.switchyard » switchyard-testApacheCC0Public

Test Utility classes.

4. org.switchyard.quickstarts

Group used by 132 artifacts

The SwitchYard Plugin.

6. SwitchYard: Common51 usages

org.switchyard » switchyard-commonApacheCC0Public

The SwitchYard Common Library.

7. SwitchYard: Configuration47 usages

org.switchyard » switchyard-configApacheCC0Public

The SwitchYard Configuration library.

8. SwitchYard: Transform47 usages

org.switchyard » switchyard-transformApacheCC0Public

The SwitchYard Transform library.

9. org.switchyard.console

Group used by 40 artifacts

10. SwitchYard: Runtime35 usages

org.switchyard » switchyard-runtimeApacheCC0Public

The core runtime library.

11. SwitchYard: Validate34 usages

org.switchyard » switchyard-validateApacheCC0Public

The SwitchYard Validate library.

12. SwitchYard: Deploy30 usages

org.switchyard » switchyard-deployApacheCC0Public

The Deploy SPI.

13. SwitchYard: Remote24 usages

org.switchyard » switchyard-remoteApacheCC0Public

Library used to communicate with remote SwitchYard instances

14. SwitchYard: Security18 usages

org.switchyard » switchyard-securityApacheCC0Public

The base security library.

15. SwitchYard: Common Camel16 usages

org.switchyard » switchyard-common-camelApacheCC0Public

The SwitchYard Camel Common Library.
The SwitchYard Java API Extension

17. SwitchYard: Forge Common14 usages

org.switchyard » switchyard-forge-commonApacheCC0Public

Common Classes for Forge Support

18. SwitchYard: Forge Plugin13 usages

org.switchyard » switchyard-forge-pluginApacheCC0Public

SwitchYard Forge Support

19. SwitchYard: Serial10 usages

org.switchyard » switchyard-serialApacheCC0Public

The base serialization library.
The SwitchYard WSDL API Extension