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Commons XMLSchema is a light weight schema object model that can be used to manipulate or generate a schema. It has a clean, easy to use API and can easily be integrated into an existing project since it has almost no dependencies on third party libraries.

LicenseApache 2.0
Used By168 artifacts

1.4.7Central53Sep, 2010
1.4.6Central4Apr, 2010
1.4.5Central37Apr, 2009
1.4.4Central12Mar, 2009
1.4.3Central42Dec, 2008
1.4.2Central53Apr, 2008
1.4.1Central 0 Apr, 2008
1.4Central 0 Apr, 2008
1.3.2Central41Jul, 2007
1.3.1Central22Apr, 2007
1.2Central10Nov, 2006
SNASHOTCentral 0 Mar, 2008