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The Plugin Plugin is used to create a Maven plugin descriptor for any Mojo's found in the source tree, to include in the JAR. It is also used to generate Xdoc files for the Mojos as well as the artifact metadata and a generic help goal.
Last Release on Nov 1, 2018
Provides a maven plugin that supports creating an OSGi bundle from the contents of the compilation classpath along with its resources and dependencies. Plus a zillion other features. The plugin uses the Bnd tool (
Last Release on Jul 14, 2020
Maven Surefire MOJO in maven-surefire-plugin.
Last Release on Jun 17, 2020
A Maven plugin to create archives of your project's sources, classes, dependencies etc. from flexible assembly descriptors.
Last Release on Apr 30, 2020
The Loving Iron Fist of Maven
Last Release on Nov 23, 2019
Versions Plugin for Maven. The Versions Plugin updates the versions of components in the POM.
Last Release on Aug 10, 2020
Builds a Java Archive (JAR) file from the compiled project classes and resources.
Last Release on Oct 29, 2019
Uploads the project artifacts to the internal remote repository.
Last Release on Sep 30, 2018
Provides support to access staging functionality in a remote Nexus Professional server.
Last Release on Feb 13, 2017
Maven Archetype Plugin
Last Release on Jul 21, 2020