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CQ Component Maven Plugin
Last Release on Feb 6, 2019
OW2 Util :: Maven :: Plugin :: Merge Properties
Last Release on Dec 19, 2012
The Maven Help plugin provides goals aimed at helping to make sense out of the build environment. It includes the ability to view the effective POM and settings files, after inheritance and active profiles have been applied, as well as a describe a particular plugin goal to give usage information.
Last Release on Apr 17, 2019
Plexus Template
Last Release on Jan 2, 2009
Maven Plugin for Project Lombok
Last Release on Sep 4, 2019
Maven plugin to run Camel standalone
Last Release on Sep 1, 2019
The missing bridge between Java and native C++
Last Release on Jan 6, 2014

Cargo Maven 2 Plugin
Last Release on Aug 17, 2019
Execute SQL Statements
Last Release on Aug 19, 2011
dependency-check-maven is a Maven Plugin that uses dependency-check-core to detect publicly disclosed vulnerabilities associated with the project's dependencies. The plugin will generate a report listing the dependency, any identified Common Platform Enumeration (CPE) identifiers, and the associated Common Vulnerability and Exposure (CVE) entries.
Last Release on Aug 4, 2019