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This is the core API of hamcrest matcher framework to be used by third-party framework providers. This includes the a foundation set of matcher implementations for common operations.
Last Release on Jul 9, 2012
The Support Library is a static library that you can add to your Android application in order to use APIs that are either not available for older platform versions or utility APIs that aren't a part of the framework APIs. Compatible on devices running API 14 or later.
Last Release on Sep 22, 2018
Groovy: A powerful, dynamic language for the JVM
Last Release on Jun 26, 2018
Android Support RecyclerView v7
Last Release on Sep 22, 2018
OSGi Compendium Release 5, Interfaces and Classes for use in compiling bundles.
Last Release on Sep 24, 2013
Apache Commons BeanUtils provides an easy-to-use but flexible wrapper around reflection and introspection.
Last Release on Sep 21, 2016
JDBC Type 4 driver for MySQL
Last Release on Sep 27, 2018
Google Guice Core Library
Last Release on Oct 29, 2018
Kotlin Standard Library for JVM
Last Release on Nov 13, 2018
Spring Web MVC
Last Release on Oct 29, 2018